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For information on John's availability or to have any of your questions answered contact:

John Avianantos & Associates
7532 E. Laurel St.
Mesa, AZ 85207

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The Only "Guaranteed Results" Program in the Country for Students

John's Program:

"Game Plan for Exceptional Leadership, Success, and Personal Achievement"

John's program to your students will be fast paced, include "participation awards", and will be loaded with cutting edge concepts that can be implemented immediately (like a technique that enables students to hear a message one time and have it memorized). All material will be geared directly to students needs and presented in a fun format that students enjoy. (This is definitely not your stand up and lecture type of seminar). The program will be like no other you will bring to your campus, but will be asked for over and over again.

Your students, based on their post program. evaluation, will determine John's fee. (See our unique guarantee.)

John's program was voted best ever by 70% of his clients.

Could Your Students Use This Program?

Answer The Following Questions.

  1. Do you utilize a memory system for your students that takes only minutes to learn, but will enable a student to hear a message one time and have it memorized?

    Grades improve immediately!

  2. Are you utilizing "goal card technology" - the most innovative goal system in the country today?

    Your students get focused in all areas.

  3. Is mental imaging and the use of anchors part of your daily mental conditioning?

    You'll see immediate improvement.

This is a Live Program

John Avianantos' seminars are presented "live" on your campus. The programs are enhanced with Power Point, video, and various props. Nothing compares to the impact of a live program. It's the difference between watching a musical group perform on television or seeing them in person.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Confidence that students can cope with any challenge
  • Emphasizes personal accountability and responsibility
  • Removes psychological limitations
  • Acquire the knowledge to utilize "Goal Card Technologies"
  • Control attitude and habits for optimum personal success
  • Reduce stress and learn to laugh at things we can not control
  • Encourage a "want to" attitude verses a "have to" mindset
  • Have a lasting effect on self image

A Partial Listing of Program Contents:

  • Secrets to student leadership
  • Principles of success
  • The link memory system
  • Habits, your controlling force
  • The Chinese Bamboo plant story
  • Spiritual soundness
  • Stay alert for opportunities
  • Super Learning
  • 10 foods you should never eat
  • The 2nd most powerful force on earth
  • The varsity limp
  • Reprogramming your belief system
  • Importance of self talk

The Most Often Asked Questions about a John Avianantos Seminar

  1. What Is Covered In The Seminar?

    Over 25 strategies that can be implemented immediately. All material is cutting edge and applicable to student needs. Stories, use of props, Power Point, music, and video make for an interesting, fast paced, fun program.

  2. Is This Seminar A "One Time Shot"?

    Not at all. Besides a very upbeat, meaningful seminar, we provide handouts to students so they can review the material over and over again. We also provide each student with a goal card.

  3. Have Colleges And Universities Used This Program To Get Positive Press?

    Many schools put out press releases to the media about this program. The fact that a school is investing in the students academics, social life, and general well being always brings positive press coverage for the school. As a second note, some schools have taken this coverage and used it in recruiting.

  4. How Long Has John Been Providing Programs?

    John started in 1984 and has presented over 2,700 programs to diverse groups including students, athletics, businesses, and the general public. He has returned to some schools four years in a row, a track record that shows his concepts and strategies work.

  5. What Is The Best Time To Have A Seminar?

    This is entirely up to you. Many schools like to start their year with this program since it will set the tone for the year. Others choose to bring John on campus at various times during the year.

  6. What Is The Procedure If We Want John On Our Campus For A Program?

    First, you should confirm the date you want as soon as possible (John's calendar fills quickly). Once your date is secured, you will receive a questionnaire from John so he can learn as much as possible about your students and school. From this information, your program will be developed. John will also call you just prior to your seminar to get additional insights.

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