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"Game Plan"
Exceptional Athletic and Academic Success

The only guaranteed results, athletic seminar in the country.
Two programs to choose from!

  1. Do you utilize a memory system for your athletes that takes only minutes to learn, but will enable a student to hear a message one time and have it memorized?

    Grades improve immediately!

    Athletes make fewer mental mistakes.

  2. Are you utilizing "goal card technology" - the most innovative goal system in the country today?

    Your athletes get focused so they produce better results.

  3. Is mental imaging and the use of "anchors" part of your daily mental conditioning?

    You'll see immediate improvement.

GAME PLAN is a fast pace, fun, 2 hour program presented on your campus to all your athletes, both men and women. Its message is one of excellence—assisting athletes to get the most out of themselves both on the playing field and in the classroom. It covers the "mental aspects" necessary to win, provides exact "how to" strategies that can be implemented immediately, and is guaranteed to work.

Picture your athletes giving a standing ovation after this great program. See your athletes nodding yes during the program, a sign they "get it". See athletes eager to participate during the program.

ALL of these reactions are typical with the "Game Plan" program.

The program is presented by John Avianantos, a professional speaker with an athletic background, so all examples are geared and communicated in a way that athletes can identify with while they connect emotionally to the message.

The program is unlike anything your athletes have experienced; is affordable; will have immediate, as well as long lasting impact; assist athletes to be more accountable; and will make a difference as far as winning—on and off the field.

7 ROSE BOWL TEAMS didn't get there without covering all aspects of the game. BUT, John Avianantos spoke to all of them to add that extra only he brings in his unique way.

OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY used John the night before their National Championship win against the University of Miami.

2 NCAA 1-AA NATIONAL CHAMPIONS in football were the best at their level. YES, John spoke for them also. The Fiesta Bowl has had John speak on 5 occasions.

If you think you don't need John to come in and talk to your team, take a lesson from these very successful teams. They realized that even though their staff covered every aspect of the game, John could re-emphasize points in a little different way, add new innovative ideas, and take players to a new higher level of performance both on the field and in the classroom.

This Program Will:

  1. Assist you to win. Our material has been used by successful teams all across the country. We know what works and will share ideas and concepts with your team that they can implement immediately.
  2. We re-emphasize the key points that you want your team to know(team, loyalty, work ethic, etc.), but the message comes from an outside expert. All our material is related to athletics and uses examples your team will identify with.
  3. We provide you with a "guaranteed results" program. That's right-guaranteed. Our final fee is determined by your player's evaluation of the program. They say it will help them win or it is free.
  4. You get a proven professional. This program is presented on your campus by John Avianantos, a person with an athletic background who has been providing programs for athletes since 1984. You get a proven professional with years of successful experience.

What's Covered in a John Avianantos program?

Goal Card Technology:

The most innovative way to stay focused on one game at a time.
Just talking about it doesn't work. Your athletes will focus on only this game.

Removing limits that hold you back:

It is like taking the brakes off mentally.
Athletes will remove mental limits that have been holding them back.

Opportunity Awareness:

Seeing the opportunities that are all around you.
The focus switches from challenges to opportunities.

How to hear a message one time and have it memorized:

Grades improve, as well as, better retention of assignments and less mental mistakes.
Athletes win in the classroom and in competition.


The "stick-to-it-ness" necessary to win.
Athletes realize the importance of not quitting.

10 words for accountability:

Realizing that you are accountable for everything that happens to you.
Athletes learn to accept consequences for their actions.


Step across the line and leave no way to retreat.
Teaches athletes not to accept "No" for an answer.

The will to prepare to win:

Anyone can be excited on game day. Here's how to do it daily.
A way to increase daily work.

Two sayings for better performance:

They will remind you daily what needs to get done.
Helps athletes to prepare for and overcome tough times.


The controlling force that influences your daily actions.
How to put habits to work for you.


Learn how to stop making them forever.
Eliminate excuse making.

6 Principles of success:

They will change how you look at life.
Helps develop a positive way of thinking.

The 2nd most powerful force on earth:

It can move mountains.
All the great teams have this.

Staying spiritually sound:

Believing in something more powerful than yourself.
Helps forge a strong foundation for life.

The champion's attitude:

It's true! Attitude is everything.
Assist players to realize they are in charge of their attitude.

6 types of motivation:

Find the one that works best for you.
Find out what gets you going and keeps you working hard.

The varsity limp:

A story about responsibility.
Assist players to accept full responsibility for their actions.

Philosophy for success:

Do you have a philosophy? You will after this segment.
Each athlete will develop a set of guiding principles.

Hold the rope:

The ultimate team story.
Even the 3rd string athlete will feel involved and part of the team.

The 10% rule:

You will see instant results utilizing this principle.
Every athlete will show improvement in work ethic.


Techniques that allow you to make instant changes.
Players will realize they have more control over their outcomes than they thought.


What you say and do will influence from one to millions of people.
Athletes will see how to be a positive influence in the community.

Work ethic:

How hard are you really going?
We discuss—"what you put in is what you get out."


The determining factor for success.
Change your beliefs and you change your performance.

Becoming a warrior:

The steps to make you the ultimate competitor.
We explain the difference between just competing and being a warrior.

If you don't get what you want:

Why people don't get what they want and how you can change that.
We discuss the missing ingredient to get what you want.


You may cover many of or all of these topics, but what separates John from your staff is how he presents each area. He uses props, audio visual, participation awards, handouts for each athlete (No need to take notes), provides goal cards, and guarantees the program.

Each athlete also receives:

  • A 25 page manual with all the key ideas presented, as well as additional material, to insure continual yearlong improvement.
  • A CD that includes highlights of the program along with advanced techniques. This will assure space repetition learning as the athlete can listen to the concepts over and over---on their time.
  • A goal card
  • A Link Memory sheet
  • The 1 to 10 worksheet

Here is how our guarantee works:

After the program, each athlete is asked to fill out a pre printed evaluation card. The fee for your program is then divided by the number of cards collected, thus each card will have a dollar value. John considers any card that averages less than 70% negative, and he will deduct a portion of his fee for that card—and yes, although it has never happened, if all the cards are below 70%, your program is FREE. "I don't get paid to show up, but to produce and present a program that will help you win".

We help you to win or your
program is free!

Choose the program and price range that fits your needs from the following 2 programs:

Program #1
Men or Women Sports Only:

A separate program for schools that only want to do the men's or women's program, but not both.

Fee: $15,500 plus travel.

Program #2
The Total Athletic Department:

This program includes all sports—both men and women, as well as all coaches, administrators, support personnel, trainers, and the like. All and everyone associated with your athletic department may attend. It is your best value and insures total buy in from everyone in the department.

The program includes a "live" program on your campus (You may do one big seminar that includes everyone, split men and women, go Fall and Spring sports, or hold two sessions, one in morning and one in the afternoon). It is totally up to you.

EACH athlete receives a manual with all the key points (Over 25 pages), a CD with additional concepts for yearlong learning, a Link Memory sheet, a "Goal Card", and the 1 to 10 worksheet.

Plan to spend approximately 2 hours in the seminar.

Fee: $25,000 plus travel. Save $6,000! (Men and women AD's may want to split the cost (Only $12,500 each) making this an extremely reasonable investment considering it covers all your athletes, coaches and support staff.

Reserve your date NOW. NO money is due!

You are simply reserving a date for your program. We do programs all throughout the year, even up to the night before your bowl game, but here is an offer that will save you money and allow your players to receive this great information.

You have a plan for everything else. Now get the number one athletic seminar in the country to improve the mindset of your athletes and handle this extremely important aspect of the game—the mental part. It is as easy as planning for a 2 hour spot with your athletes.

There are only so many dates available. Don't miss out!

Contact John by calling his office, e-mail, personal cell phone, or click on the link below.

Office - (480)949-8240

E-mail - john@coachjohn.com

Personal cell phone - (602)579-5975

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