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16 reasons why over 2,700 companies have utilized Coach John

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For information on John's availability or to have any of your questions answered contact:

John Avianantos & Associates
7532 E. Laurel St.
Mesa, AZ 85207

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Award Dinners

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Breakfast & Lunch Programs

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Why John's Programs are So Effective

No matter what the group -- association, corporation, educational or government organization -- all benefit from John's message. You see, each presentation is specially tailored and customized so your attendees get the exact message you want them to have.

Here's how John does it so effectively:

Once you make the decision to have John address your conference or meeting, he will send you a detailed "Fact Gathering Questionnaire" for you to fill out and return to him. He'll also ask you to provide him with various company or organization publications and newsletters as well as the names of some of the people that will attend your program.

This information will help John get a better, more clear understanding of your group. He'll learn about the challenges they face and what solutions you would like them to acquire from the meeting.

From the information on the questionnaire, he'll be able to tailor a message that will help you meet your goals. This presentation will have relevant and pertinent information that is specially designed for your people. A message that is customized for your group.

If you think about it, this is really the only way to make an effective, timely and meaningful presentation, isn't it? And isn't this the way you want your attendees to treat the people they deal with?

It only makes sense, then, that if you're paying for a presentation, that you want it to be "right on" so your people get the message you want them to have, and they leave feeling better about themselves, their company, and their jobs.

That's why John's clients continue to hire him presentation after presentation, and year after year. And that's why you should consider John for your next important meeting.

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